Maintenance Tips for Professional Barber Shears

It is good to have the professional barber shears in your collection but the most important thing is to keep them intact. If you want to have some good time with your scissor collection and want to make their best utilize then it is important for you to keep good care of them and avoid any breakage or misfortune on their account. To keep your valuable trimmers all around maintained there some of the eternal tips here that could help you all the way long.

Frequent Cleaning

At the point when you utilize your share frequently then it is important to keep them clean as well. After every utilization it is good to clean your scissor but you have to keep it in your mind that this is not the entire cleaning measure. To have the trimmer completely clean and in full form you have to pass all of your professional barber shear collection through the appropriate cleaning measure after some specified intervals. It is best to wash them with soap water and make sure that the blades with get legitimate cleaning including the screw and joints as well.

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Immediate Drying

Another tip that assists you with getting the maximum advantage of your shares is the immediate drying, after every utilization makes sure that if your shear is wet so make it dry. Also after every cleaning cycle make sure that you have eliminated the soap from the trimmer completely and then dry it with a clean and soft fabric mostly a soft towel to avoid any harshness or scratches as well. After that hold it under air to make sure that there will be no water on its surface.


The lubrication is really vital for the smooth running of the blades and for their shine as all things considered, after some specified intervals make sure that you put some oil in the screw jack of the shears. Before oiling move your professional barber shears to the 90 degree angle and then drop oil into the screw place and then run it for some time so the oil gets into it well. It is also good to apply the oil on the blades as it will keep them safe and shiny and also balance their performance.