Bodybuilding Wallpapers, a Motivation Technique

In this article we are going to discuss how you can use the correct bodybuilding wallpapers in order to motivate you. Please note that I have said the correct bodybuilding wallpapers. You should try to find a picture of someone who has more or less the same body type as you have. Further, the physique that is displayed in this picture must be possible for you to attain but still excite you every time you look at it.

Too many people set themselves up for failure by setting goals that is very hard or almost impossible to reach. Then, while pursuing these goals, they get unmotivated when they see that reaching this goal will be out of their reach. In another case, people get so obsessed by reaching this goal that they tend to spend less, or even no time at all, on the other aspects of their life. Thus it is always important to keep the balance by spending equal time on all the aspects of your life.

When you have found the correct pictures of a guy or gal that has a body type similar to your own and a physique, reachable to you, that excites you every time you look at it, you should place this picture in a place where you can see it regularly. When you have done this, take the following steps to ensure that you get motivated to take action.


  1. Look at your bodybuilding wallpapers or pictures
  2. Feel the way that you will feel when you have the same physique Sr9009 sarm  as this person.
  3. Think about how nice it would be having achieved this goal
  4. List all the feelings that is pleasing to you in your mind


After you have done this and spent some time on thinking these positive thoughts you should do the following in order to add more power to this technique.


  1. Think of how bad you would feel if you did not reach this goal
  2. Feel the bad feelings that you will feel when failing this goal
  3. List all the negative consequences that failing this goal will have